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WAP provide full cladding consulting services specializing in roofing and waterproofing. WAP brings educated technical excellence in architecture and engineering with years of experience to provide trusted solutions to building operators and managers.

Nuts and Bolts


​At WAP, we work directly with building operators/ property managers to provide the following services:

  • Condition evaluations and reporting to identify causes for premature failures and estimating remaining service life of the building envelope.


  • Component renewal/replacement design ranging from repairing or renewing the existing to defer capital costs to full replacement to upgrade the building envelope component performance.


  • Contract administration in compliance with the construction lien act.

Sectors in Play


Industrial: warehouses and manufacturing facilities

Commercial: retail, office buildings, mixed use

Institutional​​​​​: hospitals, schools, police/court facilities, power generation


Multi-Residential: high and low-rise rental and condominium buildings​



•     Building envelope evaluations including, roofs, walls, windows/doors and parking garages to assess deterioration and leakage concerns.


•     Full bid documents for building restoration including scope of work development and the preparation of technical drawings/ specifications s for competitive tendering, for roofs, balconies, walls, window/doors, parking garages. 


•     Services during construction to ensure the scope of work is implemented to the bid documents.


•     Capital planning for major building components or full properties or condominiums.  

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