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Our logo, a variant of the trefoil knot, is an illustration of our approach to our services. 


The trefoil knot is the unique prime knot with three crossings and can be obtained by joining the loose ends of an overhand knot. 


Similarly, the three corner stones for WAP services, including, Sustainability, Expertise and Reliability allow us to assist our clients to ensure there are no loose ends to complete successful projects.

Mission Statement

Sustainable Business Processes

•    provide durable designs with minimal environmental impact
•    reduce carbon corporate footprint with flexible operations
•    live up to our responsibilities to serve and enhance the communities in which we work and live and the society on which we depend

Expertise to Raise the Service Bar for the Construction Industry

•    Use our pioneering spirit to responsibly deliver building envelop solutions to the industry
•    provide services to the market which meet or exceed our client’s expectations
•    supply outstanding service and solutions through dedication and excellence
•    keep their clients’ interests central in all levels of service delivery
•    provide services and solutions in a timely fashion

Provide Reliable Building Consulting Advice

•    provide clients an unbiased opinion to yield a broad range of building management strategies
•    achieve client satisfaction through excellence in design, service delivery and repair solutions
•    exceed our clients' expectations by being the leading provider of responsive, value-added services


At W. Allen Partners experienced stakeholders manager client accounts to achieve optimum results.

Janice Wilder, BBA, MBA

Financial Controller

With over 30 years experience in the banking and investment fund industry, Janice oversees the the smooth operation of the business at W. Allen partners as the acting Financial Controller.

Allen Lyte, B.Tech., C.E.T., RRO

Founder and president of W. Allen Partners, Allen Lyte brings over 25 years of trusted roofing and building science consulting services for ICI sector.  Allen's hands on approach gives owners and managers of buildings the piece of mind that their assets are being well managed.

Vicki Lyte.jpg
Victoria Calhoun, BAA

General Manager

Overseeing the daily operations Victoria helps W. Allen Partners ensure a consistent service delivery to its clients.

Brayden Lyte
Social Media/Marketing

Providing assistance to the the production team Brayden provides his youth and energy to ensure the staff of W. Allen Partners are fully supported to maximize their skill sets.

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